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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

`Whoever accepted me as his master then he should also accept Ali as his master. O ALLAH be friendly with his friends, and be enemy to his enemy`.
Holy Prophet (saw)
Sahih, Muslim vol 2 p 362;
Mustadrak, Hakim vol 3 p 109;
Musnan, Ahmad Hanbal vol 4 p 281

Jashan e Eid e Ghadeer
Rukhsati of Bibi Fatema Zahra (sa)
and Eid e Mubahela

Will Be Celebrated On
Saturday, August 8th, 2020 7:30pm.
COVID19 Guidelines for upcoming programs at Madina-tul-Ilm

Please note that these guidelines are devised in conjunction with guidelines provided by Ontario government. All attendees planning to attend a future program at Madina-tul-Ilm (Moharram Majalis) are required to observer the following.

1. All attendees are required to wear face masks at all times and avoid handshakes. Please maintain social distancing and practice good hand hygiene. Please avoid touching the face (eyes, nose, and mouth).
2. Volunteer will take a temperature scan and ask screening questions prior to entry at the center.
3. Please come with Wuzu / Ablution. Please avoid using washrooms unless absolutely necessary.
4. Please bring your own Musalla/mat/cloth for sitting on the floor (Farsh-e-Aza) or on a chair.
5. Eating, drinking, and food handouts are strictly NOT allowed on premises. Attendees may bring their own water bottle for rehydration purposes.
6. In order to facilitate families with small children and seniors, Majalis will be aired in our parking lot (video projected on big screen and audio via FM Radio channel). Please stay in Car and watch/listen to the program.
7. If you or your family member is not feeling well, please stay home and watch the program online at
8. Arrangement of tabbruk/water will be made in parking lot by the center management only, if you wish to sponsor a program/ tabbruk please contact us.
9. Our center/organization is not responsible for any violation by any individual of any government rules and health guideline, the individual violating any of the government guidelines will be responsible themselves for any fines or punishment as per law.
10. Our center/organization reserves the right to refuse entry/expel any individual, if they do not follow these posted guidelines and pose a risk to other attendees.

The current situation is a challenge for all of us and we need to adapt to ensure the health and safety of all attendees. Please cooperate and be patient with the volunteers who are serving as front-line workers.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Al-Eman Society of Canada
Madian-tul-Ilm Center
120 Bermondsey Road,
Toronto, ON Canada


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